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Every World WiFi Network hotspot acts as a powerful virtual billboard. The audience reach depends on the size of the hotspot and the number and type of external antennas connected to its controller.  Every hotspot has a “landing” or “splash” page and a “status” page.

The “landing/splash” page:

  • The “landing/splash” page is the first page that opens once the customer connects to the World Wifi Network signal and opens a browser on his Internet device. This page contains information on service plans and how to connect to the Internet.
  • The center of this page shows details of the hotspot location, including the company’s logo, information about the business, location, contact information and a website link.
  • Advertisers may promote their businesses on the “landing/splash” pages, which are organized by category. This is called the “Free Merchant Zone”  and the customer does not need to be logged into the system to view details of the advertisers.
  • A limited number of banner ad spots are available on the main landing page.

To view details of a “landing/splash” page visit any of the hotspot locations listed on this site.

The “status” page:

The status page is the page that opens once the customer has logged into the system and is ready to surf the Internet.

  • On the “status” page, customers can click on popular links such as search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • A very limited number of banner ad spots are available on the status pages.

Advertising terms are usually for one year with the option of renewal at fair discounted prices which could exclude the initial setup costs.

For more information about advertising your business please contact us by submitting a request (click here)

Why Advertise with World WiFi Network?

Captivate new audiences

All World WiFi Network hotspots act as “Virtual Billboards.” When external antennas are connected to the World WiFi Network controllers, these “Virtual Billboards” are larger and more powerful as they reach larger audiences such as passengers and crew on board cruise ships and yachts and locals and visitors in public areas. Any customer choosing the World WiFi Network signal (SSID) and opening a browser will see details of your business even before registering or logging into the network. The “Free Merchant Zone” is an online directory where businesses can promote themselves. In addition, powerful banner ads which link to advertiser’s businesses are available.

Businesses advertising on World WiFi Network hotspots located in ports of call and/or marinas will be included on www.CrewDiscount.com and www.TheCrewMagazine.com targeting all CREW.


World WiFi Network and Partner Directories

Businesses advertising on the World WiFi Network “landing/splash” pages (the Free Merchant Zones on all hotspots) are also indirectly listed on the World WiFi Network partner directories including Boingo, AT&T and Vodafone. The partner customer can look up details about the hotspot locations before they visit – and see the location pages and all the Free Merchant Zone links -  and upon arrival when they connect to the hotspot.

All World WiFi Network hotspots are listed on its own directory, and customers connected to a World WiFi Network Hotspot can use the “Sneak Peak” option and view details of any other World WiFi Network hotspot – and all the advertisers on the landing/splash pages.

This exposure gives World WiFi Network advertisers global presence.


Web Optimization on Search Engines

All World WiFi Network Hotspots are highly ranked on all search engines. Advertisers listed on the “Free Merchant Zones” of the World WiFi Network Hotspots are directly and indirectly listed on all the search engines on the World Wide Web.

Test this as an example by following these steps.

1)      Go to “Hotpots” on this site
2)      Choose any region
3)      Choose any listed hotspot
4)      Choose any category
5)      Highlight and copy the first ten words or sentence in the description of the details listed for a business
6)      Open a new browser and choose any major search engine. Paste the copied text and click “search” (or press “enter”)
7)      Results: Under the top twenty non paid ads in the world, you will see the details of the business listed. The ranking is even higher when the business name is also highlighted.


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